Build, Validate & Launch your project with our team of experts.

Rarestone Labs is the service, research and development arm of Rarestone Ventures, offering comprehensive support to founders and teams gearing up for their pre-seed fundraising or on the cusp of a product launch.



Product and Positioning: Validate and optimize your market positioning so that it precisely meets customer needs by crafting the right narrative and leveraging user-centered design.

Token Economics & Protocol Design: Through years of on-chain participation in multiple market cycles, our team are always aiming to understand incentive alignment and token economies - a constantly developing challenge that we have been at the forefront of since the emergence of DeFi.



Partnerships & Fundraising: get access to our opinion leaders and venture capital network; we've successfully helped raise over $50m since inception.

Capital Management & Financial Planning: Capital preservation and financial planning are essential for early stage teams who want to be successful long term. Our team have expertise in budgeting and partner vendors to help you meet your goals.

Revenue & Business Modelling: Validation of your revenue and business assumptions with our expert behavioural economics team.



Sprints: The Labs team specialise in sprint campaigns aimed at delivering key product milestones and token launches.

Partnerships: Warm introductions to Launchpads, Auditors, Exchanges, Market Makers and other industry specific launch partners.

Public Relations: since inception, Rarestone has supported over 100 teams with content placement in leading publications, helping to build credibility for our partners.

Liquidity Providing: We create and provide liquidity strategies for on-chain launches, including LP incentive campaigns, concentrated liquidity and fair-launches.

We’ve supported over 100 leading blockchain teams