Rarestone Announces Incubation of Innovative Launch Tools Platform, ZAP

Rarestone Announces Incubation of Innovative Launch Tools Platform, ZAP

Since the days of Initial Coin Offerings, teams have attempted to democratize investing, allowing both crypto-natives and retail investors to gain early exposure to key projects and decentralized applications. Rarestone’s commitment to this democratization of digital assets continues with the incubation of a new suite of launch tools on Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins.

Memetic Potential of New Blockchain Cults

At Rarestone, we invest in attention, and we have always been first movers into many new ecosystems as native users. We strongly believe the Blast ecosystem has immense memetic power and will foster a new wave of innovative Native Yield DeFi tools driven by speculators, as well as a cult-like community that grows around the founder, Pacman.

Our growing excitement about the potential of Blast leads us to the decision to build in unison with the Zap team, offering our full resources to them.

The Highs and Lows of Launchpads

Launchpads have long been a fulcrum in DeFi, providing democratized access to an array of projects that otherwise might have been out of reach to the average investor. But while they bring both equal opportunities to investors and enhanced project visibility, there is still much room for improvement, specifically when it comes to providing greater means of access to ecosystem participants. 

ZAP promises to take token launching to the next level, with a suite of launch tools and engagement mechanisms that will both improve early-stage projects' market positioning while expanding their token holders, altogether improving accessibility for the masses.

Core Features of Zap

Zap is primarily a curated project launchpad that uses over-allocation logic rather than a raffle, allowing all investors to invest. The missions dashboard allows users gamification elements to increase the upper banding of their allocation by completing tasks to support the team, this eventually works toward offering an on-chain score that tracks behaviors of network participants to reward those with better habits fairly. 

For this reason, the team prefers working on larger raises, rather than small public rounds, aimed at maximizing token holders.

It will however also allow permissionless, no-code token launches, aimed to onboard a greater number of users into the Blast ecosystem - making deployment easy. 

Thanks to Blast native yield, we can get creative and allow users to buy in with future yield from their locked assets and automatically invest in token launches using future vested rewards. 

Finally, the team is also exploring other launch tools, such as an LBP, later in the future.

You can learn more about ZAP here:

Website: https://www.zap.tech/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zaponblast

Telegram: https://t.me/zaponblast

Harry Read
Harry Read